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WaterSense Data Sources and Updates

Below is a summary of data included in the WaterSense search tools. Data are typically refreshed on a daily schedule from EPA source databases and reflect the best information available at the time; however, new data may not be available daily due to the timing of data submissions and processing.

Tool Data Source Submission and Processing
Product Search WaterSense, product manufacturer partners, and approved licensed certifying bodies work together to maintain the WaterSense labeled product information. WaterSense asks licensed certifying bodies to submit product data provided by manufacturers on at least a monthly basis if there are changes. Once product information is submitted, WaterSense aims to review and post product data within two to three weeks.
Partners Directory WaterSense maintains the list of program partners. Prospective partners apply for partnership on a rolling basis. WaterSense updates its partner list weekly.
Find a Pro WaterSense and its professional certifying organization partners jointly maintain the Directory of Certified Professionals. WaterSense updates the directory quarterly.
Rebate Finder WaterSense and its partners work together to maintain the rebate list for WaterSense labeled products and irrigation professional services. WaterSense partners submit rebate information on a rolling basis. New rebates are added to the Rebate Finder the following day.